In This Collection

  • Annapolis Club Chair*

  • Annapolis Love Seat*

  • Annapolis 3-seat Sofa*

  • Annapolis Ottoman*

  • Mendocino Ultra Love Seat*

  • Mendocino Ultra 3-Seat Sofa*

  • Mendocino Ultra Ottoman*

  • Mendocino Ultra Lounge Chair

  • Rhode Island Center Section*

  • Rhode Island Corner Seat*

  • Rhode Island Left Side*

  • Rhode Island Right Side*

  • Rhode Island Lounge Chair*

  • Rhode Island Ottoman*


* Cushions Extra


Kara Furniture Management offers a custom production service that is designed to be as comprehensive as you need.

What ever you need us to handle, whether you need a small single unit project or a large multi layered installation we can work from concept to reality. We offer:

  • Design capabilities
  • Production oversight
  • Installation management
  • After sales service and maintenance training


We have a selection of predesigned products for custom manufacture

Contact us for information on these or any other custom product for your project – large or small.

Consulting Services

Kara Furniture Management combine over 40 years of experience within the Casual Furniture and Hospitality Industries.

Kara offers:

  • Sales Management in both or either the specialty retail or contract markets
  • Marketing and public relations specific to Casual Furnishings
  • Procurement of Casual Furniture in SE Asia and elsewhere
  • Design management
  • Production management
  • Spa and Fitness area design and equipment needs

Please contact Kara Furniture Management to discuss our products and services.